Hog Tie Kit



Experience Hog Tie Fantasies –– Anywhere, Anytime!

Add Some Wild West Kink To Your Next Bedroom Rodeo!

Skip the bed post or those other same-old, same-old locations. Now restrain your lover and hold 'em in place for whatever naughty fun you have in mind –– anywhere you want! They'll be a-sittin' pretty in total comfort with fully adjustable faux fur-lined ankle & wrist cuffs. Just attach each self-releasable cuff to the hog tie –– made of supple vegan leather and metal –– and watch the fun begin!

  • Hog Tie Kit for kinky fun
  • Restrain ankles & wrists together at the same time
  • 2 adjustable hand cuffs
  • 2 adjustable leg cuffs
  • 1 hog tie
  • Self-releasable faux fur-lined cuffs are safe & comfortable
  • Made of flexible vegan leather, soft faux fur & metal

Your Hog Tie Kit ensures all four limbs are held securely in place. And you get all that kinky bondage styling, too!

Other kits suggest using bed posts or other objects for a tie-down. But with the Hog Tie Kit you can tie your lover up anywhere indoors...or out!

You get four separate cuffs with clips that fasten around wrists or ankles and one central connector.

These cuffs feel great! They are lightly padded for a comfortable fit. Each cuff is adjustable. They can be made to withstand playful wiggling or slip out of when play time needs to be paused or ended.

So Many Ways To Play With Your Hog Tie Kit!

  • Attach all 4 cuffs to the central connector and literally “hog tie” your partner by restraining their arms & legs
  • Clip the cuffs to each other for use as handcuffs or ankle cuffs 
  • Put three cuffs together for something wild
  • Or connect the cuffs to your bed

The  Hog Tie Kit is recommended for adventurous couples ready to explore spontaneous restraint play.

Adjustable, Fetish
9.0 inches
Metal, Faux Fur, Vegan Leather
2.00 inches

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