Detained Chastity Cage



The Clear, Discreet Way To Restrict Your Rod!

Soft body design comfortably and safely restrains your erection.

Finally, a male chastity device you can wear as long as you want! The Detained Chastity Cage’s soft body design fits over your unit, restricting your erection in a cage of clear, flexible TPR. A loop around the testicles keeps the cage on and secure, no matter what you get up to. Enjoy being “locked up” during bondage and role playing games, or wear this chastity device underneath clothes for discreet personal pleasure.

•    Detained Chastity Cage
•    Soft body restricts your erection safely and comfortably
•    Thick to limit movement and sensation
•    Curved for a natural fit
•    Opening at tip lets your emissions flow
•    Loop fits around testicles to hold it in place
•    Discreet for use under clothes
•    Great for travel and long term use
•    Waterproof

Experience the feel of a restricted erection in a totally new way. Whether you’re a newcomer to male chastity devices, or you’re an experienced player looking for a device with fun and flexibility, the Detained Chastity Cage makes an incredible addition to your pleasure arsenal.

Unlike the majority of rigid cages, the Detained Chastity Cage is made from soft and flexible TPR. Slip it on while you’re soft, and the cage’s natural shape restricts your erection – while leaving you enough flexibility for comfort. It also nearly undetectable under clothing. This is great for guys who want to wear their cages for longer periods of time, especially when out or traveling.

A loop underneath the cage lets your testicles hang out, and keeps the cage securely on. This means it stays on worry free. So you’re free to focus on your partner’s pleasure, play the submissive, or just enjoy the agonizing yet amazing feel of staving off ecstasy. A pencil-eraser sized hole in the tip of the device won’t hold you back from release, though the cage might try its best.

Wash your Detained Chastity Cage with mild soap and water or Adam & Eve Toy Cleaner.

No batteries required
XR Brands
Stretchy, Textured
4.0 inches
Power Source:
No batteries required
1.25 inches

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