Doxy Die Cast Electric Wand Massager



World’s Strongest Wand Delivers Super-Charged O’s Night After Night!

Made from heavy-duty aluminum & titanium alloy for long-lasting thrills

Protected  Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy

Boasting 30% more power than the Magic Wand Original, this massager will rock your world… literally!

  • Vibrations range from 3,000 – 9,000 rpm, making it stronger than any other wand
  • Lower speeds generate rumbling vibes that resonate within your body
  • Higher speeds are incredibly intense and only intended for experienced users
  • Features special escalation mode with variable settings for even more thrills
  • Rugged design & industrial-grade components for extreme durability
  • Doubles as an amazing back & neck massager with its discreet design
  • Overall wand measures 2.25 inches wide by 13 inches long
  • Body is made from die cast metal while the tip is body-safe silicone
  • Electric-powered for intense vibes with an extra-long cord for convenience

Toy experts have seen plenty of vibes claiming to be super strong or extra powerful. But this wand massager actually lives up to the hype… and then some!

Even on its lowest speed of 3,000 rpm, the Doxy Die Cast Electric Wand Massager is more powerful than 90% of vibrators. And at its highest speed of 9,000 rpm, the Doxy is a full 30% stronger than its closest competitor the Magic Wand Original. That makes the Doxy the strongest handheld vibe in the world!

The Doxy is so powerful that Recommends it only for more experienced users. It’s just too much for beginners to handle. The lower speeds generate low-pitched, rumbling vibrations that resonate deep within your body. They’re intense enough to shake your entire arm. On its strongest settings, the Doxy defies belief. The English language just doesn’t have the words to describe it. If you’re brave enough, you can activate the pulsation mode, which automatically increases and decreases the power for you. You just have to try the Doxy for yourself and hope you survive!

It takes a special design to handle that kind of power. The Doxy is made with industrial-grade components and over-engineered to make it extremely durable. The smooth silicone head gently flexes as it glides over your curves and sweet spots. The user-friendly controls make it a breeze to operate… even after two or three O’s! The metal body is polished to a mirror-like finish and rugged enough to withstand heavy-duty use. And the electrical cord is reinforced at key points so it won’t fray. This wand is built to last! 

While the wand massager is intended for sexual stimulation, it’s discreet enough that you can use it as a neck or back massager. The extra-long handle can cover your entire back – even that hard-to-reach spot between your shoulder blades. And the wand’s intense vibrations can untangle the knottiest muscles and relax the stiffest neck in no time! 

The Doxy Die Cast Electric Wand Massager measures 2.25 inches wide by 13 inches long and weighs 1.8 pounds. The vibrating head measures 2.25 inches wide by 2.75 inches long, which makes it compatible with standard-sized wand attachments. The body is made from a special aluminum and titanium alloy – giving the massager a weighty feel along with its rugged, heavy-duty design. The vibrating head is smooth silicone for a softer, more comfortable feel. Silicone is considered a body-friendly material because it’s easy to clean, durable and hypoallergenic. The massager is electric powered and designed to fit U.S. plugs. The power cord is 10-feet long, so it can easily reach a nearby outlet while leaving you plenty of wiggle room during playtime.

Only use water-based lubes with this wand. Spray the vibrating head with sex toy cleaner after each use and wipe it down with a clean cloth.

CMG Leisure
Multiple Vibration Modes, Vibrating, Multiple Speeds, Electric
Male, Female
13.0 inches
Silicone, Metal, ABS (plastic)
Power Source:

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