Dynamo Delay Spray



The Strongest Delay Spray On The Market Today!

Clinically tested and FDA compliant for your peace of mind.

Dynamo Delay Spray is a modern, more concentrated male desensitizer that provides safe and effective results.

How does it work?

Dynamo Delay Spray desensitizes your erection so you can go harder, longer. Its proprietary high concentration of 13% lidocaine formula is clinically tested and FDA compliant –– now get more satisfaction with less spray than other formulas.

Both of you will enjoy lovemaking more as you slow the onset of orgasm with a slight numbing sensation.

• Dynamo Delay Spray
• Male genital desensitizer spray
• Can help treat premature ejaculation
• Helps to temporarily prolong performance
• For reducing sensitivity in the male in advance of lovemaking
• Main ingredient is 13% lidocaine (approximately 10 mg per spray)
• .75 oz. applicator is good for many, many sessions
• Clinically tested, non-irritating
• Read instructions on packaging thoroughly before use
• Childproof bottle
• External use only
• Made in USA

Each pump of the Dynamo Delay Spray administers a measured dose. Apply it topically to the head and shaft of the penis. Use before intercourse. Wash product off after intercourse.

Lidocaine USP 13%, Isopropyl Palmitate, SD Alcohol 40B, Stearic Acid


INSTRUCTIONS:Apply it topically to the head and shaft of the penis.  
let dry then wipe off before placing a condom on. 

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