Fetish Fantasy Crystal Nipple Clamps



Squeeze & Tease Your Nipples In Style!

Shine in these beginner-friendly nipple clamps with sparkling crystal accents!

•    Clamps pinch and squeeze your nipples for steady stimulation
•    Heavy metal chain pulls on the clamps for increased thrills
•    Decorative crystals shimmer and shine to add a classy touch  
•    Soft rubber pads provide a more comfortable fit for beginners
•    Slip the pads off to experience the clamps’ full effect
•    Adjustable screw controls pressure on your nipple
•    Chain itself measures 15.5 inches long
•    Made mostly from metal with rubber pads

Ideal for anyone who enjoys getting their nipples tweaked, these clamps gently pinch and squeeze your nipples – keeping them rock hard while providing constant hands-free stimulation.

The clamps are linked together by a heavy metal chain. The chain naturally pulls down on the clamps – especially when you’re physically active – to apply constant pressure and create additional stimulation. Shimmering rhinestones dangle from each clamp and in the middle of the chain to give them an elegant and stylish touch.

The nipple clamps are covered with removable rubber pads. The pads softly cushion the clamps, creating a more comfortable experience that beginners especially will find helpful. As you adjust to the feeling of the clamps, you can remove the rubber pads to enjoy the full sensation.

The clamps come with a special screw that you can use to adjust the amount of pressure applied to your nipples – letting you pick between a looser, more comfortable fit or a tighter one with greater stimulation.

The metal chain measures 15.5 inches long. The clamps are also made from metal and are covered with soft rubber pads.

Pipedream, Fetish Fantasy
15.0 inches
Silicone-based, Metal

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