Fetish Fantasy Heavy Duty Position Master



Assume Even Complicated Positions With Ease!

Enjoy a wide variety of sex positions – no matter how difficult or strenuous – thanks to this new position aid!

•    Harness & position aid make even taxing positions almost effortless
•    Thigh cuffs hold your legs spread or upright
•    Wrist and ankle cuffs clip on almost anywhere for added versatility
•    Harness doubles as a grip for more energetic and deeper thrusting
•    Cuffs clip onto harness and can be repositioned easily
•    Softly padded cuffs fit comfortably and won’t leave any marks
•    Harness is fully adjustable and sized to fit almost everyone
•    Made from softly-padded nylon with metal and plastic clips

The Heavy Duty Position Master lets you try and enjoy all kinds of complex sex positions without forcing requiring years of yoga and stamina exercises.

The Position Master consists of two large cuffs (sized to fit your thighs) and two smaller cuffs (sized for your wrists or ankles). You can use the thigh cuffs to either split your legs or hold them upright for extended periods of time without getting tired or developing a muscle cramp. The wrist and ankle cuffs clip on and off to complete the position or give it a sexy new twist! Both sets of cuffs are fully padded for your comfort and to prevent any betraying marks the next morning! The harness itself even doubles as a grip. Your partner can grab it for deeper, more powerful thrusts or shift you around to try the next position on your list.

The Position Master is sized to fit most people, and it goes on surprisingly easy. Just loop it over your shoulders and buckle the adjustable chest strap around your torso. You can then position the clip-on Velcro cuffs as needed for your favorite sex positions. The position aid is made from padded nylon straps with both metal and plastic clips.  

Recommends the Fetish Fantasy Heavy Duty Position Master for more experienced couples interested in trying out new sex positions.

Pipedream, Fetish Fantasy

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