Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit



Bed Restraint System Hides –– Until You Want It!

The Only Collection Approved By E.L. James

Turn erotic fiction into erotic fact –– in the privacy of your own bedroom. Inspired by the erotic Fifty Shades of Grey novels of author E.L. James, this easy-to-use kit puts pulse-pounding passion at your finger tips in just minutes.

Place the webbing underneath your mattress, then set out an adjustable restraint on each corner of your bed. Attach wrist and ankle cuffs to restraints. Have your partner put on the Velcro cuffs. Add the soft blindfold for increased sensory sensitivity.

Now tease, tantalize and pleasure your helpless partner, bound to your bed like prey on a spider's web.

When play time is over, just stuff everything under the mattress until next time, or use the official Fifty Shades of Grey storage box.

- Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit
- From the Fifty Shades Of Grey Official Collection
- Adjustable restraint webbing with straps
- Wrist and ankle cuffs with Velcro closures
- Blindfold with 2 comfy elastic straps
- Attractive black storage box
- Fits on queen and king sized beds
- Includes instruction booklet in English, Spanish, French and German

"I pull hard against my restraints and the bed creaks ominously, but I don't care –– I'm burning with desire, it's consuming me. I flush under his stare, and my pulse quickens."

Set boundaries before you begin. It's important that you both know what you're comfortable with. Always have a safe word that means "stop."

Recommends the Fifty Shades Of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit to couples ready to try the kinky lifestyle depicted in E.L. James popular erotic bondage novels that have sold over 70 million copies worldwide.

Fifty Shades of Grey, Love Honey
Adjustable, Attachments
Male, Female

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