Gold Double Drop Pheromone Necklace Gift Set



Gold Necklace Seduces With Pheromone Power!

Limited quantities – order now while supplies last.

Capture your lover’s attention & boost your sexual magnetism with the power of pheromones! Just spray a little of the included After Dark Pheromone Perfume on this double drop necklace’s black lava rock stones. The porous rocks hold onto the scent and act like a diffuser, making those attractant pheromones more effective and longer-lasting – so you can boost your attraction, confidence, and seduction power.

The understated black lava rocks are suspended from double loops on a gorgeous gold-plated necklace. Just put it on and fasten the lobster claw clasp in the reverse. Its elegant design adds a touch of shine to just about any ensemble. With or without the pheromones, you’ll feel gorgeous wearing it.

The Gold Double Drop Pheromone Necklace Gift Set includes the necklace and a designer 10ml spray bottle of After Dark Pheromone Perfume – enough for dozens of applications. You’ll love the perfume’s sultry floral blend of jasmine and lily combined with sweet notes of vanilla and white chocolate. Use it with the necklace, or feel free to boost your pheromone power with an extra spritz on your neck or wrists. 

Makes a great gift for yourself or your lover.

Perfume ingredients: INCl Ethanol, Fragrance, Aqua, Propane-1, 2-diol, Castor oil, Estratetraenol, Edetic acid.

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