Hung Pleasure Penis Rings



Stay Harder, Longer As You Tease 'n' Please!

You'll both enjoy the new erotic energy you'll feel with this set of 6 stretchy silicone penis rings! Rings constrict blood flow, keeping erections harder for longer periods of time. Unique designs and textures turn your penis into a pleasuring love machine with every thrust!

•    Penis ring value with 6 different rings
•    Super stretchy 1.5" total diameter
•    Experiment by wearing more than one
•    Keeps you harder for longer
•    Wear on shaft or near head to stimulate partner's vagina or backdoor
•    Made from silicone at a great price
•    Fits any man
•    Can be used with some plastic vibrators, too

Your Hung Pleasure Penis Rings will open up worlds of sexual pleasure for the man who wears them and their partners!

Turn your erection into a textured love machine, ready to stimulate the inner walls of a vagina that now feels tighter –– or a backdoor that now feels out of this world! Just be sure to use a water based lube for anal sex.

Men who love to pump up will appreciate the ring size of Hung Pleasure Penis Rings –– it stays on easily as you slide your shaft into your pump's empty chamber. With each pump, your penis gets harder –– and the Hung Pleasure Ring keeps it that way.

Hard plastic vibrators benefit from being dressed with a Hung Pleasure Penis Ring or two. Insertion takes on new sensations –– it's like having a new sex toy and all you did was add this versatile ring.

Hott Products
Stretchy, Hypoallergenic
1.50 inches

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