HydroMax7 Water Pump



Water Pump Generates Stronger Suction For Better Results!

This water-based pump naturally enhances blood flow and provides a stronger, more even suction for superior results compared to more traditional penis pumps!

•    Generates a super-strong vacuum using water for faster results
•    Water-based pumps much more efficient and healthier than air-based pumps
•    Water squirts out the end with every thrust, increasing the suction more
•    Base specially contoured to fit your body for a tighter seal
•    Valve in tip for quick and easy release
•    Clear cylinder with measurements so you can watch your shaft grow
•    Measures 2.25 inches wide and 10 inches long, insertable
•    Made from plastic cylinder with flexible rubber base

While most penis pumps rely on air, it turns out that water works best for your erection! Warm water naturally increases blood flow for a more efficient workout and it also acts as a cushion to prevent bruising or any other problems. Unlike air-based penis pumps, water pumps promote growth evenly along your shaft – including both length and girth.

While using the HydroMax7 Pump is straightforward, it can get a little messy so you should stick to your shower or bath. Simply fill the inside of the pump with water, press against your crotch and start pumping. As you pull the pump toward you, water squirts out the tip, creating a vacuum that pulls blood into your shaft to boost your size. By using water instead of air, the pump generates a much stronger suction than similar toys.

While most penis pumps have a flat base, the HydroMax7 is specially contoured to fit your body – creating a tighter and more secure seal than other toy on the market! A tighter seal means the pump holds pressure better so you don’t have to do work as hard. And it won’t accidentally suck your balls inside either!

The tip features a special pressure valve. As you pump, the valve allows water to leave the tube while preventing air from leaking inside. When you’re finished, you can simply push the small button in the valve to let air flow inside and break the vacuum seal.

The main cylinder is completely clear, with markings on the side so you can watch your shaft grow longer and thicker with every stroker and even chart your progress!

The penis pump measures 2.25 inches across at its widest point and 11.5 inches long, with up to 10 inches insertable. The cylinder is made from plastic, while the base is made from flexible, heavy-duty rubber.

Recommends the HydroMax7 Water Pump for penis enhancement.

Strap not included.

No batteries required
10.0 inches
Plastic, Rubber
Power Source:
No batteries required
2.25 inches

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