Leather Ball Stretcher



Hang Low & Build Up To Wild Finales!

Bind up your boys for increased stamina, sensation, and “O”-mazing bedroom fireworks! Wrap this kinky 9” leather stretcher around your balls to add extra weight and enhance your entire experience from start to finish – and oh, what a finish. Stretched balls also look and feel bigger and better to both of you, especially in the heat of the moment.

  • Adjustable leather ball stretcher
  • Easy to use testicle stretcher enhances look and feel
  • Stretch for bigger, more impressive looking balls
  • Feel increased sensation and stamina
  • Finish stronger and more intensely
  • Super kinky look, flexible and comfortable feel
  • Velcro closure lets you adjust to perfect level of tension


Whether you love the look, the feel, or both, you’ll love the Leather Ball Stretcher. This flexible and comfortable leather stretcher makes it easy for any man to experiment with ball stretching safely and comfortably.

Just give your boys a tug and wrap the stretcher around the base of your balls. You can fasten it loosely, for a start, or tighten it for a snug feeling that gives you a gentle stretch. Wearing a stretcher can help give you those low-hangers that look and feel amazing, and is great for intensifying sensation throughout. This stretcher also boosts your stamina and lets you build up to mind-blowing pleasure.

SI Novelties
Stamina Control, Adjustable
9.0 inches
Faux Leather
0.5 inches

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