Magic Wand Plus



Upgraded Classic Is Ready To Send You Over The Edge –– Each & Every Time!

The Best-Selling Plug-In/AC Wand Massager Of All Time –– Is Better!

Shop with confidence: your Magic Wand Plus purchase is protected  Special Guarantee.

It's back to the basics...and more –– for reliable massager ecstasy. For sessions that simply, absolutely have to pay off, and pay off big, there is nothing more enjoyable or joyously predictable than the good times you'll have with a plug-in-the-wall-outlet massager, especially the upgraded and improved Magic Wand Plus.

Designed in Japan and first sold in 1968, today's Magic Wand Plus is the result of decades of fine-tuning and re-engineering, like the finest automobile. It'll knock your socks off, every time. Sure, explore the joys of other sex toys, but always keep the Magic ready in your nightstand (it's also great for sore muscles!).

  • Original personal massager design with smooth silicone head on a flexible neck
  • AC powered, now with 4 speeds, on/off button
  • Strong motor delivers vibrations from 2,700 to 6,300 RPM –– instantly
  • 12.5 inches long, head is 2.25 inches wide, ABS plastic body
  • Designed in Japan, steadily improved since 1968
  • Now with a detachable 71-inch power cord for easy storage
  • Instruction manual included

Today's Magic Wand Plus comes to you with a fresh look, excellent function upgrades and the consistent power you crave. Now you can easily click back and forth, through 4 speeds: low (2,700 RPM), medium (3,800 RPM), high (5,400 RPM), and ultra (6,300 RPM!). Explore the smooth texture of the silicone head. Its flexible neck lets you target massaging sensations right where you want them!

How To Operate Your Magic Wand

1)     Press the Power On/Off button to turn the massager on. The Intensity/Vibration indicator light will glow.

2)     To increase the Intensity/Vibration level, press the (+) button.

3)     To decrease the level, press the (-) button.

4)     After use, press the Power On/Off button to turn the massager off.

5)     To remove power cord, press and hold Lock button to disconnect.

6)     To avoid over-heating, now your Magic Wand will shut off automatically after 20 minutes. This protects the motor and your sex toy investment. You can turn it back on after it's cooled off.

Experience the modern version of the classic that first liberated women from the drudgery of limited self-pleasure options, back when there were few vibrators on the market. Like they said back in the day, "You've come a long way, baby!" and you still can.

(And again, it's great for tired muscles, too. Your domestic weekend yard warrior or fitness buff will appreciate that, too.)

Vibratex, Magic Wand
Multiple Vibration Modes, Vibrating, Multiple Speeds, Electric
Male, Female
12.5 inches
ABS (plastic)
Power Source:
2.25 inches

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