Magnus Mighty Magnetic Nipple Orbs



Amazing Magnetic Nipple Jewelry Looks Pierced!

Get The Look without piercing.

It's easy to get that kinky pierced nipple look without piercing. Just place a powerful .37" wide magnetic orb on each side of nipple.

These magnets stay in place –– even under clothing! If you love nipple stimulation, these Magnetic Nipple Orbs are for you. Set of 4.

And when your Magnus Mighty Magnetic Nipple Orbs are not in use, they make awesome refrigerator magnets to post notes, photos and memos –– only will know your secret!

• Magnus Mighty Magnetic Nipple Orbs
• 2 pairs of metal coated magnets
• Create a pierced look on nipples with no piercing
• External use only

While playing with your Magnus Mighty Magnetic Nipple Orbs, try putting as much nipple as possible between them –– they can have a bit of a pinch!

With your purchase of Magnus Mighty Magnetic Nipple Orbs you avoid all the hassle and care of pierced nipples. Where them anytime you want, then remove them –– just like that!

No batteries required
XR Brands
Power Source:
No batteries required

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