Male P-Spot Massager

Color: Black


Teases Prostate & Taint For Stronger Os!


Prostate massager slips inside your backdoor to massage you on the inside, while the stimulating arms tease you on the outside!


  • Wavy shape designed to massage your prostate
  • Large stimulator teases your “taint”
  • Extended base for your safe use
  • Finger loop for easy removal
  • Measures 1 inch wide and 3.5 inches long, insertable
  • Made from easy to clean and ultra-hygienic plastic


The shaft of the men’s sex toy is ergonomically designed to make insertion easier while maximizing your pleasure. The wavy shape of the shaft naturally cups the prostate for the greatest possible contact and stimulation. While the shaft teases your prostate from the inside, the other arms tease your taint from the outside. The curved arms naturally apply pressure to your perineum, also known as the “taint,” in a rhythmic motion tuned to your natural movements.


The arms also serve a dual role as a safety feature. They prevent you from inserting the toy too deeply and saving you from an embarrassing visit to the hospital or doctor. The lower arm even forms a finger loop for easier removal.


The sex toy measures 1 inch across at its widest point and 3.5 inches long, insertable. The sex toy is made from plastic. Plastic is extremely smooth and easy to clean. It’s also hygienically superior to softer materials like jelly or rubber – making it a great choice for anal toys.


Recommends the Male P-Spot Massager for prostate and anal stimulation.


The prostate stimulator is compatible with water-based and silicone-based sex lubes.  Wash the toy thoroughly in hot water using antibacterial soap before and after each use.

Electric Distro
Black, Blue
5.0 inches
1.00 inches

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