Manscaping Rechargeable Kit



A Complete Manscaping Experience In One Handy Rechargeable Kit!
Also trim beards, sideburns, body hair, girlfriends, and wives!

If you've ever tried manscaping your most sensitive hairy areas you know how tricky-prickly a process it can be –– now you can avoid awkward nicks and cuts with this pro-level kit. It even comes in a hardshell storage case, so you can't hurt it.

Oh, and she can use it, too! This kit is a great deal:

  • Manscaping Rechargeable Kit
  • Cordless, rechargeable clipper razor
  • Cuts and trims all facial and body hair with precision
  • 2 precision stainless steel cutting heads, full size & precision
  • 4 different guide combs for full size trimmer
  • Special guide comb for precision cut trimmer
  • USB charging cable
  • Ergonomic 6.5" x 1.5" handle is cord-free
  • Instruction manual
  • Hardshell zip-up storage case
  • From Bathmate

Even the most die-hard hairy dude has considered a little trim here and there. Less bush makes oral activity easier, some say even more appealing. You can even look like a porn star! Or let's say you're about to use a penis pump –– less hair at the base of the penis will help you get a tighter seal.

There are many reasons to manscape. Looks. Feel. Convenience. Something Different. Conventional razors and scissors are just too sharp, too pointy, and too unwieldy to use. Employ your fully charged Manscaping Kit and enjoy a stress-free, nick-free hair cutting experience.

And for facial hair, the Manscaping Rechargeable Kit is perfect for sideburns, mutton chops, goatees, moustaches, The Lincoln Look, or any other creative cuts you you come up with. Heck, give yourself a buzz cut. Or a Mohawk. Manscaping supports them all!

The guide combs help you get the hair length you want, by keeping the steel cutting heads away from your skin.

There's no batteries to fuss with, no cords to get in the way. Just charge it, then start sculpting your man garden. Or her lady garden. Or both.

Our advice, besides buy this now? Go slowly. Take your time. Use in a well-lit area. Then enjoy the results!

Adjustable, Rechargeable, Attachments
Metal, ABS (plastic)
Power Source:

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