Mega 2 Inch Extension



Men: Become 66% Thicker + Add 2 Inches Instantly!

FantaFlesh® material is amazingly lifelike. Go ahead –– try the blindfold test and squeeze it!

Any reason is good enough to add extra length and girth to your tool. From fantasy role-playing to just wanting to bring the biggest and the mostest to your love-making, this extension rocks the...

Now you can add the Mega 2" Extension to your bedroom tool kit for an erection that's a full 2/3 thicker –– and a whole 2 inches longer!

Just slip on this hefty FantaFlesh® extension and let its lifelike feel drive your partner wild! You'll both love the looks of its sculpted phallic details, veiny textures, increased length, plus wider girth. It's sooo flexible and squeezable –– just like the real thing! One size fits most. Sleeve can be trimmed with scissors before use, (again, that's before use, never during). Free lube and toy cleaner included.

The Mega 2" Extension is the non-surgical, no-pills-needed alternative for men seeking improved size and performance.

• Mega 2" Extension
• Add 2" to any erection
• Also adds 66% more girth to any erection
• FantaFlesh™ feels like the real thing
• Can be trimmed at base with scissors before use (emphasis on "before")
• Lube sample included
• Toy cleaner sample included

And this bad boy looks and feels HUGE! From its knobby, engorged head, past some folds and along it's veiny textures, you're in for some BIG TOOL ACTION.

And because there's no moving parts, extensions like the Mega 2" Extension are waterproof –– so you can wear and use it anywhere.

To keep your Mega 2" Extension looking and feeling like new, use toy cleaner and warm water. Store in a dry place away from other sex toys. Dust with a light coating of corn starch for prolonged storage

No batteries required
Stretchy, Lubricant Included, Realistic, Adjustable, Toy Cleaner Included
8.0 inches
Power Source:
No batteries required
2.00 inches

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