Mini Buzzing Anal Rimmer



Li’l Rimmer Buzzes Your Bum Right!

Explore the lighter side of anal excitement! This black teaser’s soft and flexible 2” tapered shaft is perfect for tickling your posterior opening. Turn on the vibes for 30+ minutes of tantalizing vibration. Remove the vibe at any time for use as a naughty finger rimmer!

•    Mini Buzzing Anal Rimmer
•    2.5” total length, .75” wide
•    Soft and bendy anal rimmer
•    Includes single speed disposable 30+ minute vibe
•    Tease outer anal areas with vibration
•    Remove vibe to use as finger rimmer

Start your anal experimentation the right way – with the Mini Buzzing Anal Rimmer! Whether you’re a first-timer or just want to keep your backdoor play light, this petite anal sex toy is ready for action.

Before use, add a little lube to keep this toy slick and sexy. Because this anal toy is so petite, you can first use it with vibration to tickle and tantalize your outer backdoor. Switch on the included vibe to set the Mini Buzzing Anal Rimmer humming. Use the tapered tip to tease your opening, or slide the shaft flat along your sensitive nerves for amazing pleasure.

Ready for penetration? Remove the vibrator from the bottom of the anal rimmer and insert your finger into the loop. This will keep your rimmer safe and secure while you insert it up to 2”. Try using the Mini Buzzing Anal Rimmer alone, or with your partner to add spice to oral play.

Clean your Mini Buzzing Anal Rimmer with soap and water or Toy Cleaner. Pat dry.

Watch-size batteries (included)
XR Brands
Battery Operated, Vibrating, Batteries Included
2.5 inches
Plastic, TPR
Power Source:
Uses Batteries
0.75 inches

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