Natural Realskin Squirting Penis With Harness



Strap It On, Start Thrustin' & Start Squirtin' Like The Real Thing!

Go All Night Long — Add This Sturdy 8-Incher To Your Bedroom Frolics!

Sometimes you just wanna get thrusty-squirt-crazy –– and why not? So grab some lube and get your Natural Realskin Squirting Penis all slick and slippery for some hot thrusting...with for-real "happy ending" squirting when you squeeze his balls!

Use it with or without the adjustable harness for unforgettable penetration. Have it ready when passion calls for on-demand action!

  • Realistic squirting phallic-shaped dildo with adjustable harness
  • Durable, flexible TPR dildo is 8.5" long, 1.75" wide, thrustable up to 6.5"
  • Balls are refillable with water: squeeze on command for realistic squirting effect
  • Dildo has realistic "knobby" head, shaft is covered in stimulating textures
  • Suction cup base on dildo sticks to most flat surfaces for hands-free play
  • Comfy tricot nylon and polyurethane harness is adjustable up to 60" waist
  • 2 metal rings (50mm diameter & 64mm diameter) provided to fit either Squirting Penis or other dildos in your collection
  • Dong and harness is waterproof, use with with water based lube

Squirt Like An X-Rated Volcano – On Command

Craving some love lava? Fill your Natural Realskin Squirting Penis with water (or any compatible fluid), then start your countdown to ecstasy: 5...4...3...2...1...SQUIRT!

It's easy. Just turn the penis upside down into a glass of water, squeeze balls and release as water gets sucked up into those big bad orbs. To squirt, hold penis upright and press top of balls –– and see him squirt when you want him to!

Strap-On Harness Included

Do the hip shake, baby! The adjustable harness that comes with your Squirting Penis fits up to a 60" waist. It's designed to accept any other strap-on ready dongs and dildos you may already own –– the perfect addition to your sex toy toolbox!

8 Inches Of Trusty, Thrusty Fun

You might love real penises, too, of course. But how about one that's ready to play, any time, any place? That's the experience you'll have with this yummy 8-incher that begs to be squeezed and inserted into your happy place. He's made of firm-yet-flexible TPR, with veiny textures that thrill as the shaft goes in...and out. It also holds onto your favorite lube longer.

Go deep: he's ready to fill you up to a generous 6.5". And when you or your partner takes a break from wearing the harness, lube up and slap the suction cup base down onto a flat surface like floors, tables, doors, or chairs for hands-free solo adventures.

Easy, Simple Care Protects Your Erotic Investment

Keep your Natural Realskin Squirting Penis looking and feeling like new with your favorite sex toy cleaner or gently wash it with a mild soap & warm water. Before stowing it away, make sure it's thoroughly dry, inside and out. Many dong lovers keep condoms handy and slip them on over the shaft for easier clean-up. When playtime is over, remove the condom for efficient dildo maintenance.

Are You A Potential Candidate For This Sex Toy?

Well, if you're looking for a good time with your lover that involves creative thrusting with a very, very realistic erect penis dildo that squirts like a virile fountain of lust, then the Natural Realskin Squirting Penis With Harness is for you!

Realistic, Harness Compatible, Squirting
Male, Female
6.5 inches
Metal, TPR
1.75 inches

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