Nipple Play Nipple Teasers



Delivers Soothing Warmth & Vibrating Pleasure!

If a basic pinch feels good, then imagine how much better a vibrating and warming pinch can feel!

•    Hands-free clamps squeeze your nipples just right
•    Clamps help maintain arousal and stimulation for enhanced pleasure
•    Adjustable tension lets you tighten or loosen the clamps
•    Works on your clit too for even more fun
•    Pick from two powerful vibration modes for additional thrills
•    Clamps warm up for additional stimulation
•    Nipple clamps measure 0.25 inch wide and 1.5 inches long
•    Made from plastic with a special silky smooth satin finish
•    Vibrator uses 2 AA batteries, sold separately

Feel the perfect pinch as these clamps provide just the right amount of tension to make your stress melt away! The hands-free clamps provide a persistent pinch to maintain your arousal and stimulation while enhancing your pleasure. And they do it all hands-free so you can save your fingers for other purposes!

Each clamp comes with a special tension screw so you can adjust the fit. Simply twist the screw to loosen the clamp for a more comfortable feeling or tighten the clamp for a stronger pinch.  

While the clamps are designed for your nipples, you can use them on your clit just as easily. You won’t believe how intense the clamps can feel on your most sensitive spot… especially when you turn the vibrator motor on!

The clamps feature two powerful vibration speeds for you to try and enjoy. The high-frequency vibrations paired with the miniature motors leave the nipple clamps shaking at extremely high speeds for past and powerful stimulation. As the clamps vibrate, they gently warm up to a mild 104° F to create a soothing and relaxing sensation for additional stimulation.

The Nipple Play Vibrating Heated Nipple Clamps measure 1.5 inches long and just under 0.25 inch wide. The nipple clamps are made from plastic with a silky smooth satin finish for your comfort. The vibrators are powered by 2 AA batteries, sold separately.

2 AA batteries (sold separately)
Cal Exotics
Battery Operated, Vibrating, Adjustable, Multiple Speeds
1.5 inches
Power Source:
Uses Batteries
.25 inches

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