Noje Quiver Clitoral Stimulator Set



High-Powered Vibe Makes Your Clit Quiver… And You Too!

2 stimulating attachments included for even more fun!

With a special motor that vibrates incredibly fast, the Noje Quiver Clitoral Stimulator is unlike any other teaser you’ve used in the past!

  • High-frequency motor vibrates hundreds of times a second for intense thrills
  • Buzz your clit & nipples or his penis with intense stimulation
  • For additional fun, try the 2 silicone attachments
  • Tongue-shaped Tapper attachment “knocks” on your bits
  • Bunny attachment uses vibrating ears to drive your clit wild
  • Experiment with 7 different vibration modes, including speeds & patterns
  • Use it in the shower or tub with the waterproof design
  • Overall vibrator measures 7.5 inches long by 1.25 inches wide
  • Made from ABS plastic with soft & flexible silicone attachments
  • Rechargeable vibrator can run up to 50 minutes, USB charging cord included
  • Use with water-based lubes

The Noje Quiver Clitoral Stimulator is powered by a special high-frequency vibrating motor, which means the tip shakes at an extremely fast pace even on its lowest speed. It moves so fast, you can’t even see it. It’s just one big blur! This makes the vibrator feel incredibly intense when it comes to direct stimulation – especially if you position it so the tip barely touches your bits. And it works just as good teasing guys (especially on the sensitive region just below their tip) as it does on you!

As fun as the tip is by itself, the Noje Quiver comes with 2 silicone attachments for even hotter action. The Tapper Attachment is shaped like a tongue with small pleasure nubs and ribs. The tip wiggles back and forth with vibrations so you can hold it near your bits as it taps away. Or you can rub it up and down for more intense sensations.

The Bunny Attachment features a pair of vibrating ears just like a rabbit vibe. The ears shake at an extremely fast pace, creating a ticklish sensation when you use the tips on your bits. Or you could slip your clit or nipple between the ears so it feels like you’re using two separate vibrators at the same time!

The Noje Quiver comes with 7 vibration modes, including multiple speeds & patterns. This gives you a wide range of options to try, so you’re sure to find something to fit your needs. Since the stimulator is more powerful than you might be used to, we strongly suggest trying the lower settings first before switching to the stronger ones.

The stimulator is waterproof for wet and wild fun. It makes a great shower accessory, especially when you need a little incentive to get out of bed. Or you could save it for a relaxing dip in the tub. There’s nothing more relaxing than a few scented candles and some sensual bath oils to set the mood, while this vibe seals the deal!

The Noje Quiver Clitoral Stimulator is compatible with water-based sex lubes. Turn the vibrator on by holding the power button for about three seconds. Once it starts vibrating, you can cycle through the different modes using the up and down arrow buttons. The vibe can run up to 50 minutes when fully charged. Once you’re done, turn it off by holding the power button down for about three seconds. Spray the vibrator and any attachments you used with sex toy cleaner and dry them with a lint-free cloth. Plug the included charging cord into a nearby USB port and attach the other end magnetically to the vibrator. It can take up to 4 hours for it to fully recharge.

Clitoral Stimulator, Waterproof, Multiple Vibration Modes, Vibrating, Multiple Speeds, Rechargeable, Multiple Stimulation
7.5 inches
Silicone, ABS (plastic)
Power Source:
1.25 inches

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