Optimum Series Magic Pump



Ultra-Tight Sleeve Enhances Suction To Make You Even Bigger!

Take your erection to new heights with extra-strong suction amplified even more by a specially designed inner sleeve!

  • Pulls extra blood into your shaft – increasing your size & making you extra stiff
  • Heavy duty pump delivers superior suction for better results
  • Thick & tight sleeve enhances suction and increases pleasure
  • User-friendly design features an ergonomic handle & release valve
  • Track your growth with the see-through cylinder & built-in rulers
  • Great for men of all ages – especially for those with ED
  • Cylinder measures 3 inches wide by 6.25 inches long
  • Made from ABS plastic with TPE sleeve & silicone hose

Make your penis bigger, harder and better than ever with the Optimum Series Magic Pump! Designed for serious pumpers and heavy duty suction, this penis pump delivers results you could only dream about before. This robust pump sucks all the air out of the cylinder while pulling extra blood into your shaft – increasing your length, boosting your girth and making you harder than ever.

The extra-thick sleeve further enhances those effects by creating a tighter-fitting seal and concentrating the vacuum power on your shaft. This gives you better results for less work and in less time than usual. The thick sleeve is shaped like a vagina and lined with stimulators to tease your shaft and make pumping fun. It’s no wonder that beginning and expert pumpers alike are lining up for this new device.

Made for easy use, the penis pump has an ergonomic trigger handle that fits comfortably in your hand. This places all the pressure and force on your palm, making the pump ideal if you have arthritis. The Magic Pump also comes with a release valve so you can remove it quickly and easily.

The Optimum Series Magic Pump’s see-through suction chamber lets you watch your penis grow bigger. It even includes measurements (in inches and centimeters) on the sides so you can track your progress over time.

While penis pumps can give men of all ages a helpful lift, they’re especially useful if you have ED or similar problems. Make the most out of your penis pump by using it on a regular basis. You can also prolong its effects by using a penis ring (sold separately) after your pumping session.

The penis pump suction chamber measures 3 inches wide at the base by 6.25 inches long. The inner sleeve is made from soft and supple TPE. The outer case and trigger are made from firm ABS plastic, while the hose is made from long-lasting and flexible silicone.

The Optimum Series Magic Pump is compatible with water-based lubes. Lube up your shaft and the bottom ring of the pump before use. This helps you slide easily inside the tight sleeve and creates a tighter seal for more effective pumping. Wash the pump carefully in warm, soapy water after use. Once the suction chamber is completely dry, put the protective cap on so it’s ready for next time.


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