Performance Stroker Pump Sleeve



Get More Suction & Stimulation From Your Current Penis Pump!

Doubles As A Masturbator For Even More Fun

Take your pumping & stroking sessions to the next level with this premium replacement sleeve!

  • Soft & thick opening makes pumping more comfortable
  • Tight-fitting sleeve reduces air leakage for stronger suction
  • Textured interior increases your stimulation for additional fun
  • Use the sleeve as a stroker before, after or during your pumping sessions
  • Sleeve measures 6 inches long & fits pump cylinders between 2.25 – 2.5 inches wide
  • Made from soft TPE without any phthalates, latex or paraffin

Designed to fit most penis pumps, the Performance Stroker Pump Sleeve enhances your pumping session for better results & even more fun.

The enlarged opening is extra-thick and extra-soft for a more comfortable fit. With the upgraded opening, you can press your pump firmly against your body for a stronger seal and increased suction power. 

The sleeve is extra-tight to better support your shaft and boost your pump’s suction abilities even more. With its snug fit, the sleeve helps reduce air leakage to maintain steady pressure within the pump. The tight-fitting sleeve supports your erection to help maximize your gains.

The interior of the sleeve is lined with teasers and ribs for additional stimulation. You can enjoy a thrilling massage as you pump away. Since the sleeve is removable, you can even use it as a stand-alone stroker before or after your pumping session.

The sleeve can fit most standard sized penis pumps (those with cylinders measuring between 2.25 – 2.5 inches wide) regardless of how long your pump might be. Simply remove the existing sleeve (if your pump has one) and slide the Performance Stroker Pump Sleeve inside the pump cylinder. And then start pumping away with confidence! When finished, remove the sleeve from your pump and clean it with warm, soapy water.

Blush Novelties
Stretchy, Open-ended, Textured
6.0 inches
3.00 inches

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