Performance VX7 Penis Pump



Industrial-Grade Pump Delivers Maximum Results With Minimum Effort!

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When you need a heavy duty pump for fast results, the Performance VX7 Professional Penis Pump is what you’ll reach for!

  • Boost your size & hardness by pulling extra blood into your shaft
  • Heavy-duty pump carefully engineered to maximize your results quickly & easily
  • User-friendly design features brass trigger grip for effortless pumping
  • Track your results with the built-in pressure gauge & ruler
  • Cylinder measures 9 inches long by 2 inches wide
  • Made from ABS plastic with acrylic cylinder & silicone tubing

Reach your full potential with the Performance VX7 Professional Penis Pump! Pumping is a scientifically proven method for enhancing your erection. It’s an effective way to boost both your size and your hardness so you can perform at your best.

The Performance VX7 Professional Penis Pump begins working as soon as you insert your semi-flaccid penis into the tube and start pumping. This creates a vacuum, which pulls additional blood into your shaft. All that extra blood causes the tissues within your penis to expand – increasing your length as well as your girth. With the clear tube, you can even watch your penis grow bigger and bigger. The additional blood also makes you harder so you can put your new-found gains to good use!  

The Performance VX7 Professional Penis Pump is made from industrial-strength components for heavy duty pumping and long-lasting durability. The sturdy acrylic cylinder features a special locking mechanism to hold the pure silicone tube in place. The sturdy trigger guard features an ergonomic handle for your comfort. Brass hardware along with a high-volume pump generate serious suction power with just a few squeezes. It also comes with a small release valve to break the vacuum seal when you’re done.

Monitor your growth quickly and easily. The pump comes with a fully calibrated gauge to measure the suction power of the vacuum inside the cylinder. And the see-through cylinder itself comes with built-in rulers in both inches and centimeters – showing just how much bigger you are after each pumping session!

The Performance VX7 Professional Penis Pump is compatible with water-based lubes. Keep your pump clean by wiping it down with a sex toy cleaner before and after each use.

Blush Novelties
Sucking Action
9.5 inches
Silicone, Acrylic, ABS (plastic)
2.00 inches

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