Precision Pump



Pump It Up And Keep It Hard!
What man doesn't want a harder, longer-lasting erection? This Precision Pump system gives you just that: quickly, easily and effectively. You can be sporting a more impressive erection in just minutes.

The Precision Pump comes with a cylinder measuring 8" long and 2.5"; the cylinder is made of a strong, translucent smoke gray plastic. A 13" tube attaches to cylinder to the hand pump and is made of a flexible plastic that moves easily allowing for adjustment. The hand pump is textured for an easy grip - even with slippery hands. The pump comes equipped with a quick release valve for easier use.

• The Precision Pump's cylinder measures 8" long and 2.5" wide
• Has a 13" flexible tube from cylinder to pump for easy movement
• Textured hand pump for easy grip
• Quick release valve
• Easy clean up
• Free sex lube sample

To use the penis pump slip the rubber sleeve into the the pump, apply lube to your penis and slide your penis through the ring and into the chamber for a tight seal and comfortable fit. Start pumping with the easy-to-use hand-held suction pump. A vacuum is created inside the cylinder which draws more blood into your penis for a harder erection. Just a glance at the calibrated chamber lets you measure the progressive size increase of your erection. Once you have achieved the length and girth you want use the quick release valve to stop the pumping action, and slide the penis ring off the pump and onto your rock-hard penis.

Penis pumps simulate a blow job and are great for solo masturbation. Try it and see how it feels.

The Precision Pump even includes a free sex lube sample to get you started but once you've used it up, try one of the high-quality sex lubes  offers.

Your Precision Pump is easy to keep clean. Just wash it in warm, soapy water and rinse. Pat dry and store with your other sex toys.

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Lubricant Included

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