Renegade Pillager I



Take-No-Prisoners Backdoor Bliss!

Enjoy some manly fun with this sleek butt plug!

  • Tease your sensitive bits & fill your rear with the enlarged tip
  • Insert it easily with the firm shaft & flexible neck
  • Wear the plug safely & comfortably with the ergonomic base
  • Insertable shaft measures 1.1 inches wide by 3.5 inches long
  • Made from firm, body-safe silicone, which is perfect for anal toys
  • Make your backdoor sessions more enjoyable with a water-based anal lube

With a name like the Pillager, this butt plug is made for heavy-duty anal thrills! The enlarged tip fills you up and teases all the super-sensitive nerves in your backside. It’s like candy for your prostate… only it leads to longer and harder O’s!

Designed with your comfort and safety in mind, the plug features a firm shaft so it slips in easily with anal lube. The narrow neck flexes with your body, rubbing against your sensitive spots for non-stop pleasure. The ergonomically shaped base nestles discreetly between your cheeks to hold the plug securely in place whether you’re alone at home, with a friend or even running errands around town.

The Renegade Pillager I butt plug’s insertable shaft measures 1.1 inches wide at the tip by 3.5 inches long. From top to bottom, the overall plug measures 4.1 inches long. The non-insertable base is 3.25 inches wide. The butt plug is made from silicone, a durable material that’s also hypoallergenic. Silicone is the material of choice for anal toys because it’s non-porous for easy cleaning. Silicone is also smooth to the touch and becomes incredibly slick with lube.

Apply a generous amount of water-based anal lube to your backdoor and the plug before use. When you’re finished, wash the toy thoroughly in warm water with antibacterial soap or spray it with a sex toy cleaner. Dry the plug off with a lint-free towel so it’s ready for your next anal adventure.

Male, Female
3.5 inches
1.10 inches

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