Ring Master Custom Ball Stretcher Kit



Take Your Pleasure Higher As Your Balls Go Lower!

Includes 6 Separate Rings!

Stretching your balls is a fun and easy way to increase your sexual thrills – and this adjustable kit is perfect for pushing your limits!

  • Enjoy stimulating tugging sensations as you stretch your balls lower & lower
  • Start with one ring or more based on your experience level
  • Gradually add more and more rings to stretch your balls and increase your pleasure
  • Rings can push your balls down by at least 2 inches – even more if you space them out
  • Use a ring around your penis to boost your size and enhance your partner’s fun
  • Each ring measures 1 inch in diameter
  • Made from stretchy and long-lasting TPR

The Ring Master Custom Ball Stretcher Kit lets you uncover new levels of pleasure! Ideal for beginners and more experienced users, this adjustable kit adapts to your experience level. Beginners can start by slipping one ring around their scrotum, while more experienced users can jump ahead to using multiple rings. As you gain experience in ball stretching, you can slowly add more rings. The tugging sensation grows stronger as your balls get lower, leading to more and more pleasure. With all 6 rings stacked together, you can push your balls down by at least 2 inches. And you can make it even more if you space the rings apart!

While working on your balls, you can also slip a ring around the base of your penis for even more fun. The snug-fitting ring causes more blood to collect within your shaft – boosting your girth and length to give you a bigger penis. The extra blood also helps you stay harder for longer so you can better please your partner at the same time!

Each ring measures 1 inch in diameter. They’re all made from TPR rubber, a naturally stretchy material that can fit guys of all shapes and sizes. TPR naturally retains its shape, allowing it to stay stretchy for month after month of hard use.

The penis rings are compatible with water-based and silicone-based sex lubes. Wash them in warm, soapy water after each use.

XR Brands
Stretchy, Stamina Control

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