Rock Solid Penis Ring Sampler



Four Rings With Four Completely Different Effects!

One of the few things that men and women can agree on is that penis rings are a must-have for the bedroom!

•    Ideal toy for couples – rings stimulate and boost size & endurance
•    Pick from 4 rings – each with different benefits and sensations!
•    Donut Ring is super snug for extra staying power
•    Gear Ring provides extra clitoral stimulation
•    Donut & Nubby Ring Set can be used in a variety of combinations
•    Silicone Lasso is adjustable for a perfect fit every time
•    Rings are made from durable TPR and hypoallergenic silicone

Called the ideal toy for couples, penis rings provide extra fun for both men and women. Women love the extra stimulation from the ring rubbing against their clit. And both men and women benefit from the boost in size and endurance provided by penis rings.

The boost comes from the ring’s snug fit around his shaft. It restricts blood flow, causing blood to pool in his shaft to boost his length and girth. The unusual feel also helps delay ejaculation by making him feel less comfortable.

The Penis Ring Sampler comes with four different rings – each offering a different sensation and effect.

The Donut Ring is your basic everyday penis ring. It’s extra thick for a tighter and more effective fit that naturally enhances your staying power. Made from super stretchy TPR, the interior of the ring measures 1 inch wide.

The Gear Ring is shaped like a sprocket with pleasure nubs lining the outside. The extended pleasure nubs rub against her clit and vagina as you thrust, creating extra stimulation to help her climax faster. Made from easy stretching TPR, the interior of the ring measures 1 inch wide.

The Donut & Nubby Ring Set can be used several different ways for versatility. For instance, you could use the nubby on your shaft and the donut on your balls. You could even use them both on your shaft. Their extra small size means a better fit for smaller men. Made from stretchy TPR, the interiors of both the donut and nubby rings measure 0.5 inches wide.

The Silicone Lasso is one of a very few rings that are actually adjustable. Perfect for men with unusually sized shafts, you can shift the bead up or down to make it as tight or as loose as you need. The silicone threads hanging below the bead tickles your partner for extra stimulation. The lasso is made from hypoallergenic and long-lasting silicone.

Recommends the Rock Solid Penis Ring Sampler for increased endurance during sex.

The rings are compatible with water-based sex lubes. Wash the rings in warm, soapy water after each use and let them dry. Keep them in a cool and secure location away from prying eyes.

Rock Solid
Silicone, Jelly
1.00 inches

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