Sex & Mischief Intro to S&M Kit



Start Your Bondage Games With This Easy Kit!

3 Essentials You Need To Get Started!
• Vinyl whip!
• Fur-lined handcuffs!
• Eye mask!

Now whenever the mood strikes, indulge in your kinky fantasies any time you want –– no planning required!

Your vinyl whip will be ready to deliver tingling lashes! Sharpen your other senses with the comfy eye mask as your partner has their way with you –– or slip on the faux fur-lined handcuffs for escapades of control and submission.

Let the games begin!

All you need is your erotic imagination, the Sex & Mischief Intro To S&M Kit and a handy "safeword." A safeword is what the submissive partner says when things need to be dialed down just a bit.

Here's just one possible scenario...

...he leaves her a note and the Sex & Mischief Intro To S&M Kit on a table or sofa, commanding her to undress completely and put on the eye mask, then wait silently until he enters the room...

As she waits, nude in a chair, her bare skin feels the air in a new, more intense way. Suddenly she feels incredibly naked –– and vulnerable. This new feeling excites her. Out of nowhere the scent of candles or incense wafts into the room. Since she's blindfolded and naked, these smells set the mood and will help define this kinky session in her memory. The next time she comes in contact with this scent, she'll immediately recall her nakedness and sexual stimulation.

When he finally arrives, wordlessly, she can hear his feet and now they sound so commanding, so loud, so mysterious. He gently places the cuffs on her wrists –– or ankles.

More time passes...

He commands her to stand. He holds a hand to help her up, as she can't see anything. He caresses her bare skin like a proud owner, giving her firm, reassuring pats, almost like a massage. She can feel and hear breathing getting heavy.

Without warning –– the soft vinyl lashes of the whips makes contact with her bare buttocks. Her legs quiver. She gives out a small yelp and laughs a little, too. "That didn't hurt!" she chuckles. She hears him removing his shirt and unbuckling his jeans.

And so it begins...

Your Sex & Mischief Intro To S&M Kit stuffs easily into luggage or an overnight bag. Or keep it hidden in your car –– you'll never know when the kink will strike!

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