Sex & Mischief Intro to S&M Kit



Open This Convenient Kit Up –– For Instant Bondage Role-Play!

Indulge Your Hottest, Sexiest Fantasies –– Just Add Your Own "Safe Word"!

$213.50 Value When Purchased Separately, You Save 53%!

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Are you ready to take your fetish play to the next level? Well, here's the kit you're looking for! It's so convenient, it's got everything you need to continue exploring your kinky side –– plus you also save 53%!

Ouch! Intermediate Bondage Kit includes all this:

  • Satin eye mask
  • Breathable ball gag
  • Furry vegan leather hand & leg cuffs
  • Vegan leather flogger
  • 11 inch feather tickler
  • 10 meter Japanese silk rope (over 32 feet in length)
  • Hogtie connector
  • Adjustable spring-loaded nipple clamps
  • Furry vegan leather collar with metal leash
  • PS: Just add your very own "safe word"

Here's just a few ways to experience your Ouch! Intermediate Bondage Kit:

  • Satin eye mask - Intensify the moment! Wear this to create anticipation & amp up other senses, like touch, smell, and taste.
  • Breathable ball gag - Wordless drama! Gag limits the ability to speak (except for your safe word!), without blocking air passages.
  • Hand & leg cuffs - Gotcha! Control your submissive's capacity for movement.
  • Flogger - Obey! For hot smacks across large areas like the buttocks, or dangle it tantalizingly over breasts and other erogenous zones.
  • Feather tickler - Seduce! Sensual & light to the touch, tease & reward your submissive!
  • Silk rope - Sexual property! Tie 'em up and have your way with 'em!
  • Hogtie - At your command! Get creative when you attach hand & leg cuffs to this!
  • Nipple clamps - Tit obsessed! Adjustable for comfort & prolonged wear. So hot, your dominant may want to wear these clamps, too!
  • Collar with leash - Fetish parade! Lead your submissive to their erotic destiny: pleasing and pleasuring you!

The Ouch! Intermediate Bondage Kit is recommended for adventurous couples ready to take their role-playing to another level. Throw it in your luggage for your next erotic get-away!

Q: What is a "safe word" in fetish-bondage-role-play?

A: It's an agreed-upon word or phrase either partner uses to instantly stop the action. (Because sometimes yelling "Stop!" or "No!" is part of the fun.) To actually take a break or end the play, it's recommended you use a different word, like "orange" or even the phrase "safe word."

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