Sexy Slave Kit



Bow To Your Master With Our Hottest Bondage Kit!
As seen in Tristan Taormino's Guide to Kinky Sex Couples

Learn to submit to your lover’s desires with the ideal kit for bondage experimentation. The Sexy Slave Kit includes:

4 Padded Restraints
These four restraints slip easily around your wrists or ankles so you can experiment with bondage safely and comfortably. Each restraint is lightly padded for a comfortable fit even if you tug on them. Best of all, the padding makes sure you won’t have any embarrassing marks the next day! For your safety and well-being, the restraints fasten shut with Velcro so you can remove them quickly and easily if necessary. Each restraint is attached to a 32-inch long nylon strap so you can easily tie the restraints together into handcuffs or to the bedposts and similar objects.

Feather Tickler
The black and red feather tickler is ideal for playful fun. The soft feathers feel incredibly sensual as they brush over your skin and delicately tease your most sensitive spots. In the hands of a skilled partner, a feather tickler is one of the best foreplay toys you can find.

Eye Mask
This eye mask slips over your face to leave you literally in the dark so you can focus on your other senses… especially your sense of touch. You won’t believe how sensitive your skin can become or how incredibly arousing every touch can feel when you can’t see a thing! The eye mask also enhances your sense of anticipation. Since you can’t see your lover, everything they do comes as a complete and total surprise – which makes it that much more stimulating!


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