Sincerely Fur Nipple Clips



Shake Your Pretty Pom Poms!

Give your nipples a sexy pinch and a wild look with these fur nipple clips! Just close each clip around your erect nipples. Soft pom-poms dangle down, teasing you with the stimulating tickle of ultra-soft faux fur. Each rubber-tipped clip is adjustable for a light grip or a tight squeeze – whatever level of kinky fun you’re in the mood for!

  • Nipple clips with vegan/faux fur pom-poms
  • Adjustable clips let you feel light sensation or an erotic squeeze
  • Clips can be worn with or without rubber tips
  • Dangling pom-poms give you an erotic look and feel
  • Soft fur teases sensitive skin with every move
  • Made from polyester, nickel-free metal, PVC

Give your headlights some kinky oomph with the Sincerely Fur Nipple Clips! From the sexperts at Sportsheets comes a naughty pair of stimulating nipple teasers. Just grab each clip, pinch the tip open, place the clip around your erect nipple, and gently let it close. Too little or too much sensation? Twirl the adjuster to loosen or increase the tension on each clip.

Once you’re wearing both Fur Nipple Clips, try swinging and swaying to feel a sexy pinch as well as the erotic brush of ultra-soft furry pom-poms. Try wearing them when giving your lover a private dance, or put a blindfold on your paramour and let them search for your naughty nipple clips by feel alone.

Wash by hand.

Sportsheets, Sincerely
Male, Female
4.0 inches
Metal, Polyester, PVC
2.00 inches

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