Sinclair Select Endow Power Pump System



The Pump That Puts You In Control!

Dual system includes both manual and powered pump.

Manage stronger and enhanced erections with a vacuum therapy system that comes with two operating modes —– an ergonomic hand pump plus a battery operated pump.

Each pump connects with the 10" x 2" vacuum cylinder. Slide penis past TPR donut seal into the cylinder. Start pump to engorge your penis to its maximum capacity, hardness and size.

Experiment with each pump. You may prefer starting your session with the hand pump, then maintaining with the battery operated pump –– or the other way around.

Use the set of 4 stretchy penis rings to help maintain erection for up to 30 minutes at a time. Each ring has a unique pair of easy to grab finger handles for quick on/off, even when lubricated.

• Sinclair Select Endow Power Pump System
• 2 pumps in one kit, each with a quick-release valve
• Includes 4 different penis rings: 2.25", 2.5", 2.75", 3" diameter
• 10" x 2" cylinder is marked in inches to let you measure your progress
• Stretchy TPR donut keeps airtight seal at base of cylinder
• Generous 39" acrylic hose connects pump to cylinder
• Each penis ring has easy grab finger handles for quick on/off
• Battery operated pump uses 2 AA batteries (sold separately)

The Sinclair Select Endow Power Pump System is compatible with water-based lubes only.

After using your Sinclair Select Endow Power Pump System, carefully wash with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for faster cleanup. Store the Sinclair Select Endow Power Pump System separately from other devices.

Using the battery operated pump gives you a hands free erection enhancement experience, while the hand pump offers more control.

Enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to penis pumping when you purchase your own Sinclair Select Endow Power Pump System.

2 AA batteries (sold separately)
Sinclair Institute
Stretchy, Battery Operated
10.0 inches
Plastic, TPR
Power Source:
Uses Batteries
2.00 inches

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