Sports Cuffs



Explore Your Kinky Side with Softly Padded Cuffs!

Made for bondage beginners, these cuffs are ideal for exploring your naughty fantasies!

Each cuff is carefully designed to gently introduce you and your lover to the world of bondage and sexual restraints. Lined with soft and smooth neoprene, the cuffs are lightly padded for a smooth and comfortable fit that won’t leave any embarrassing marks. The cuffs use Velcro fasteners, which are secure enough to withstand playful “struggling” but loose enough that you can escape out of them in case of an emergency.

Each cuff comes with its own metal clip. You can use the clips to connect the cuffs together or to other items. With a little creativity, you can make countless numbers of exotic positions for any position you can imagine.

Your purchase includes two separate cuffs that can be linked together to form a single pair of handcuffs or shackles. The cuffs are carefully sized to fit almost anyone, from men with thick wrists to women with slim ankles.

Restraints, such as these Sportscuffs, are a common BDSM tool for establishing dominance and surrendering control. If you enjoy restraints, try expanding your bondage collection with other dominance toys such as whips or paddles.


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