Support Master Triple Smooth Penis Ring



More Stamina, More Stimulation = Bigger Orgasms!

Endorsed By Dr. Joel Kaplan

The Support Master Triple Smooth Penis Ring's super smooth, flexible TPR material adds external support to both shaft and balls! Stretchy rings fit easily with a set of ridges on top to drive your partner wild with every thrust! This is one wicked-awesome ring!

Combining the penis cage concept with a ring, the Support Master Triple Smooth Penis Ring works two ways to help your erection stay harder, longer and provide more intense orgasms.

1. The large ring at the base wraps around the testicles for support, more firmness and to constrict blow flow.

2. A trio of rings on the penis shaft also constrict blood flow for more firmness and adds girth to the penis. Your ejaculation is also delayed a bit, like pressing a garden hose with your finger, so when you do climax it's more intense!

A ridge on top connects the rings together and the smooth bumps will stimulate your partner with each thrust.

The Support Master Triple Smooth Ring helps you both enjoy a sexually stimulating experience. And it looks really cool!

What happens when you use a penis ring? It’s all about constricting blood flow. When you wear a ring, the blood that makes an erection hard is trapped in the penis. This give you a temporarily harder erection for a longer period of time.

Clean up and care for this penis ring is easy. The Support Master Triple Smooth Penis Ring is submersible in warm soapy water. When you done washing it, towel dry thoroughly. Or wipe it clean with Essentials Toy Cleaner. Do not store your sex toys while still moist. Just to be on the safe side, do not let sex toys touch each other as different materials can react with each other.

Penis ring novices should wear only wear a ring for 5 to 10 minutes at first. Once you gain some experience with taking it on and off, a maximum of 20 minutes is advised by most experts. To go longer risks injury.

Cal Exotics
2.5 inches
2.50 inches

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