Titan Men Tools Penis Ring



Makes Your Tool Longer & Harder!

Super stretchy TPR material formed in a sleek design will keep your tool ready for anything! Compared to thinner, more conventional styles, the Titan Men Tools Ring is a full half-inch tall to collar your throbbing rascal!

Firm up your wood with a sex toy that looks like it means business!

How A Penis Ring Works

Rings are adult sex toys that tighten around the base of the shaft to reduce the circulation of blood.

Blood flows into the penis through blood vessels at the organ's core and out through veins nearer to the skin's surface. Causing a restriction with a Titan Men Tools Ring allows the blood to flow in, but not out –– as quickly.

Trapping blood in the penis can make for more engorgement and greater sensitivity, create a firmer erection and may possibly delay ejaculation. For many, the Titan Men Tools Ring looks very sexy and hot.

How To Use This Penis Ring

It is easiest to stretch the Titan Men Tools Ring and slip it over your non-erect penis. As blood gets trapped inside, your erection will grow. Give your penis a break every 20 minutes or less. Blood trapped too long can lead to damaged capillaries and bruising. For the first-timer, go for 5 to 10 minutes with the penis enhancing ring on, then remove it. If you experience any discomfort, remove the ring.

Keeping a Titan Men Tools Ring clean is easy. Just wash with warm water and mild soap and pat dry. Or use Toy Cleaner, available here at Don't put any sex toys into storage until they are completely dry.

The Titan Men Tools Penis Ring is great for couples who want to experiment with an enhancer for a stiffer erection. Solo men can pop in their favorite sex DVD and feel a thick, powerful erection grow and thicken.

Doc Johnson
0.5 inches
1.25 inches

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